What our clients have to say about us.


When I had my daughter 2 1/2 years ago, I bought a bag that I thought I "should" get. Living in Los Angeles, I figured I would go for the expensive and adorable bags I saw in the fancy baby boutiques. However, reality set in and the bag was a mess. I would try and juggle my baby while trying to find a bottle at the bottom of the bag, or a pacie, or anything else needed. I couldn't find a thing.

Then, I got Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag.

I had a place for everything. The bottles didn't spill over the bottom of the bag, because there was an upright place for them. Her extra clothes, diapers, wipes, etc....so easy to find. Now, everywhere I go in Los Angeles, moms ask ME about my bag!

- Kim Sloan
 Game Show Producer
 Mother of 2 1/2 year old


Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag has been a wonderful tool in helping get organized to drop my son off at daycare. I am able to easily prepare and organize his daily bottles, food, and activities in the top portion of the bag, while including an extra change of clothes in the bottom drawer.  The exterior pockets have been great in including pacifiers, cups, and notes for my sitter. The light weight of the bag and strong shoulder strap make transporting back and forth easy. I have really appreciated the versatility and design of Mrs. Smith’s through my daily use.

- Gretchen McLelland, New Parent


Through my work as a Certified Professional Organizer® and as a mother of three, I know first hand how hard it can be for parents with young children to stay organized while on the go. The “Mrs. Smith’s” Diaper Bag allows parents to carry and immediately access all the things their child may need when they are away from home. It is filled with clever compartments and storage spaces like the roomy drawer that slides out of the bottom of the bag. There truly is a place for everything! I will be thrilled to recommend this functional and great looking bag to my clients.

- Linda Goldman
Certified Professional Organizer®
Owner, Altogether Organized®