Your day should be about precious and tender moments, not whether you can find your cell phone or the ever-elusive pacifier. With Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag, you will know with confidence that it's all in the bag.
Elegance and function join together.
The Classic Pack is Mrs. Smith's diaper bag and is perfect for dads.
Slightly thinner but taller than our other diaper bags, The Classic Pack
has just as much space and as many organizational advantages, but with
padded back-pack straps and a sleek shape, it looks and feels like a
diaper bag Dad will have no problem carrying. Mrs. Smith's Classic Pack
hold as much (and probably more) essentials than the other backpack
diaper bags, but it also will keep it all organized and easy-to-find
(and grab!).
This backpack diaper bag is perfect for dads.
We've got the Dad's covered!
The softest diaper bag in the world.
Mom will love the bold, youthful prints.