Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bags are the only diaper bags on the market with a patented pull-out drawer, which is a separate, sturdy compartment that comprises the bottom half of the bag and can be pulled out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank you for your purchase of Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag. If you have any questions regarding how to use Mrs. Smith’s Diaper bag most of the answers can be found below.

How do I convert the messenger strap into the backpack function?

Simply unhook the messenger strap and then remove shoulder pad. Thread the strap through the pass through in the documents pouch. Attach the hooks to the D-clips at the bottom of the back and size accordingly.

How should I organize the top?

We recommend that you place clothing, bottles, sippy cups pacifiers, band-aids, diaper and diaper cream in the top portion. When zipping the take care to line-up zipper and place one hand on the zipper tab and the other on the documents pouch for support.

Where is the changing pad?

The full size washable changing pad is located in the bags flap. After use carefully fold and replace it in its pouch.

What can go in the drawer?

Anything you want. We recommend using the drawer for snacks and toys. Some parents use it for burp cloths, formula or baby food jars. So, not only will Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bag hold as much (and probably more) essentials than the other bags, but it also will keep it all organized and easy-to-find (and grab!). With mom’s well-being constantly in mind, Mrs. Smith has thought of every detail. Housed beneath each expansion flap (which holds a conveniently and cleverly placed washable changing pad) are a spacious top compartment and six additional pockets. Three insulated cup-holders ensure that drinks will be available for the entire family. A thin, elastic rimmed pocket is custom-built for an Epipen for kids with allergies but is also great for holding pens or a “Tide To-Go Pen”. The two final pockets, one that is enclosed by a zipper and the other that opens accordion style, guarantee that even on days when mom leaves with the kids first thing in the morning and returns right before bed time, she will have everything she needs organized and easily accessible. 

All Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bags include

• Insulated pull-out drawer

• Two insulated bottle and/or sippy holders

• Diapers and wipes pouch• Zipper pouch• Padded sunglass pouch

• Padded cell phone pouch• A washable, full-sized changing pad

• Designated places for keys, cell phone, sunglasses, credit cards, cash, and IDEach of Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags  easily converts to a backpack by using its own shoulder strap.

For measurements of each bag and individual features, please look at each line's page or the downloadable buyer's guide located on each page.